Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coordinador de Proyectos con Inglés


• The project coordinator is required to manage translation projects with a short to mid term time frame. Functional tasks to coordinate will include translation, engineering and testing and desk top publishing. The project coordinator shall operate as the key interface to IFL customers internationally, coordinating internal and external teams to meet customer requirements.


• Operates as key project interface to assigned set of international customers, leading all external communication with IFL customers in a highly professional manner.
• Schedules project tasks coordinating internal and external functional teams.
• Creates project budgets, managing such to strict company targets for profitability.
• Manages customer expectations focusing on customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator for this role.

Required Skills

• Ability to multi-task across business functions.
• Fluent verbal and written English.
• Computer literacy.
• Ability to work under continual deadline pressure.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Fast and effective assimilation of complex information .
• Natural leadership skills.
• Service minded.
• Highly developed quality awareness.
• Team working.

Formal educational requirements

• Educated to Degree level.

Required experience

• Minimum 1 year experience coordinating teams and operating in a customer interface role.
• Proven responsibility for project budgeting and scheduling
• Experience in dealing with international customers and suppliers is an advantage.
Requisitos que deben cumplir los postulantes:

* Indicar remuneración pretendida
* Edad: Desde 25 años
* Educación: Universitario, En curso, Graduado
* Area de estudio: Comunicación Social, Adm. de Empresas, Marketing / Comercialización, Recursos Humanos / Relaciones Laborales, Organización de Eventos
* Idioma: Inglés

Empleo ofrecido por:
IFL Argentina S.A.
Our core service area is to help our customers take products, services, or other types of information from a source language into a target language. The term normally used to describe this activity is translation, but in the case of IT products, the term localization is commonly used to accentuate the need for adapting the content to its audience in the target market.
Ramo o actividad: Localizacion y traduccion de contenidos
Lugar de trabajo: Monserrat, Capital Federal
Jerarquía: Senior / Semi-Senior
Sector: Programación de producción

Fuente: zonajobs


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