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Q.C. Editor

The Q.C. Editor is an extension of the Capital IQ Management Team and reports to the Q.C. Translation Manager. The Q.C. Editor takes an active role in designing departmental quality control and quality assurance systems and in monitoring and measuring daily production output and quality. The Q.C. ensures comprehensive quality metrics are in place for all primary processes, conducts quality audits, manages daily reporting of relevant statistics, performance, and compliance data. The Q.C. coordinates with Team Leader to monitor and collect this data, then compiles and presents clear, concise presentations of the data including executive level summaries and recommendations for improvements to upper management.


* Demonstrates superior communication and presentation skills.
* Candidate is a highly analytical, logical thinker with attention to detail and process.
* Experience with statistical and quantitative analysis techniques, monitoring & measurement systems.
* Strong computer software skills
* Works effectively both independently and within a team oriented environment.

Responsibilities: (include but are not limited to)

* Chief quality analyst for Translation.
* Establishes best practices for quality measurement and attainment.
* Manages implementation of quality systems at all stages of production.
* Reports daily production output & quality statistics, identifies trends, presents graphical charts & models to upper Management.
* Develops and implements work instructions for each of the quality processes.
* Discusses quality issues with the Production Team Leads, and jointly recommends preventive actions to upper Management.
* Evaluates internal controls within the group and provides recommendations for control improvements to ensure operational efficiency and quality adherence.
* Designs and develops internal audit plans and programs. Manages the undertaking of internal audit projects.
* Establishes and maintains internal quality standards throughout the organization and related documentation.
* Drives continuous improvement, feeds improvement suggestions back into quality standards and process designs.
* Develops training material on quality systems and process controls.
* Recommends quantitative metrics for daily staff productivity, performance appraisal etc.
* Provides expert level support to the Translation team for Financial & Accounting topics to include targeted trainings as defined.
* This role has potential to grow into global responsibility.

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