Monday, October 11, 2010

Translation Team Leader

The Capital IQ Management Team is looking for a Translation Team Leader candidate for the role of Team Lead (TL) to report to the Translation Manager. The TL takes an active role in leading a team of linguists in translating content into English bound for the Capital IQ product platform.
The TL is responsible for the day-to-day management and performance of the team to include but not limited to:


- Provides proactive leadership of the team.
- Establishes team goals aligned with overall departmental objectives. - Ensures deliveries are on-time and conform to quality standards.
- Assigns daily workload and follows through on all tasks assigned to the team or rightfully owned by the team.
- Contributes to production as needed.
- Owns and is accountable for the performance of the team and the effectiveness of production processes.
- Responsible for intra-team policies, procedure, and workflow.
- Creates an atmosphere of continuous improvement.
- Presents ideas for improving overall departmental processes, procedures, and tools. Continuously implements and innovates techniques to maximize productivity.
- Drafts, reviews and implements improvements on policies and work processes that span across all markets of coverage.
- Works on developing/enhancing quality monitoring mechanism and is responsible for executing various quality control checks.
- Establishes and/or develops metrics, reviews quantitative and qualitative performance standards and coordinates implementation with the Manager. Monitors and measures group and individual performance.
- Ensures that all work status and important issues are communicated, highlighting issues or concerns to the Manager and Senior Management where appropriate. Gives clear and concise instructions and task assignments. Provides constructive feedback.
- Fosters the development of subject matter and process experts within the team.
- Implements training for new hires and existing team members as necessary and makes sure that training is consistent with departmental guidelines and directives. Ensures departmental training programs and documentation are always kept up-to-date.
- Provides detailed ongoing verbal performance-related feedback to the FLE's. Makes recommendations for bonuses, promotions and salary increases to the Manager based on company guidelines and performance standards. · Fosters a team-oriented culture and initiates team building activities to build team unity and spirit. Coordinates and communicates well with other departmental TL's - is a "team player".
- Assists in recruiting new team members by evaluating candidates and communicating evaluations to management.
- Prepares various production/quality reports and ad-hoc market reports providing analysis, highlighting progress and relevant issues to be resolved. · Ensures all company policies are followed.
- Records all policy deviations, monitors FLE attendance, provides/issues warnings where required after consulting with their manager.


- Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting / Finance / Social Sciences with significant preference given to advanced degrees.
- Team player. Highly responsive, proactive and problem solver o High level of content and process knowledge.
- Ability to act independently and take charge of the business.
- Exceptional oral and written communications skills. o Ability to communicate with people at different levels of the organization.
- Good coordination skills. o Capacity to accept feedback constructively.
- Maintains high ethical standards both personally and professionally.
- Sets a positive example for others. Demonstrates a sincere interest in developing editors in their career.

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