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Associate Language Specialist



The Associate Language Specialist operates as part of the language function of IFL and participates actively in the development and maintenance of language standards and guidelines. The ALS performs language related production activities and supports external resources on all language issues in order to produce a translation quality that meets market requirements. The ALS also assists the team to ensure timely, consistent, and smooth project deployment through teamwork with other departments, vendors and the final customer. The primary ALS focus is to learn and develop in all aspects of localisation, including techniques, tools, processes, standards, etc.

Responsibilities and tasks

• Translates, edits and proofreads project content, using the appropriate tools and reference materials as per project specifications.
• Conducts language quality tests on translated material according to Quality Assurance procedures, and provides feedback to Project Management, to vendors and to the in-house team.
• Reviews and provides input for approval of glossaries, making sure that terminology is consistent across products.
• Gathers information about industry terminology from all available sources to ensure that terminology meets the requirements of local industry standards and of local market.
• Contributes to the development and maintenance of language-specific reference material, such as style guides and other language-related specifications and instructions for the translation of different products.
• Develops and maintains customer-specific knowledge on a range of jobs.
• Provides input to cultural and related translation issues and proposes culturally correct examples, terms, etc.
• Resolves language issues in co-operation with vendors, in-house team and with language experts.
• Shares glossaries and terminology as appropriate.
• Together with in-house team, participates in evaluating translation and terminology management tools for use in the translation process and provides feedback to Project Management, whenever applicable.
• Learns about international and local developments in the computer, software, translation and localization industries.
• Learns about proper and updated usage of the language.
• Provides input during project preparation and post-mortem phases.
• Works closely with Project Managers to ensure smooth deployment of translation projects.
• Assists and supports translation vendors on language and process related issues.

Required Skills
• Native speaker and expert skills in the target translation language
• Fluent verbal and written English
• Ability to work under continual deadline pressure
• Computer literacy
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Service minded
• Ability for continuous learning and self-development
• Highly developed quality awareness

Formal educational requirements
• Degree in translation, linguistics, computer science or related field.

Required experience
• 1 year experience as a linguist, translator or localiser in IT or business environment.
• Experience in dealing with localization vendors is an advantage.
• Knowledge of project management principles is an advantage.
• Knowledge of localization, translation and terminology management tools is an advantage.

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